Accelerated Growth - How we work

Adding value you can measure.

Accelerated Growth consultants don’t have to be convinced of the importance of exceeding your expectations—years of experience with satisfied clients have clearly proven the value of our approach.

To ensure we maintain a quantifiable process that gets the best from all of us, Accelerated Growth follows a detailed quality roadmap that includes periodic check-ins, key metrics capture and assessments, and assignment audits and continual competence development.

We also follow up assignments with an audit and key metrics assessment to ensure we are delivering the consistent standard of value our customers have come to expect from us.

Progress monitoring

Over the course of a project, Accelerated Growth managers check in regularly to make sure clients are getting the care standard—and results—expected of a consultant from our team. During this meeting we capture some of the key metrics that we’ll use to assess overall performance once the project ends.

Assignment follow-up

Every Accelerated Growth assignment is documented to generate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that we can act on—either as a correction, if necessary, during the project, or as a post-project guide for future improvement. The KPIs are also used to set company goals for Accelerated Growth.

Audits and internal support

At Accelerated Growth, we want clients to know they may be hiring one consultant or team—but they’re getting the collective talent and experience of all of us. That’s why we maintain an internal audit and competence development group, where anyone within the company can reach out for support on an active project. We also review all closed projects together internally, sharing the learnings and building confidence in our processes and each other’s competencies—so that we can be even better on the next one.